Big Screen: Trailers

Movies finally seem to be coming out again. I really do love watching trailers. Yes, I am the girl who likes to get to the movies early in order to definitely see the trailers. :)

Here are a couple I can't wait to see...

Suffragette: I'm so excited to see the story of the suffragettes fighting for women's right to vote!!

Man Up: OK, it's weird. Lake Bell with a British accent is weird. But other than that, this looks kinda charming. I love Lake Bell's awkwardness.

Emma Stone. Bradley Cooper. Alex Baldwin. Rachel McAdams. Bill Murray. John Krasinski. GREAT cast. And it's Hawaii. And seems kinda sweet, no?

Far From the Madding Crowd: I love period pieces, I love literature, I love smart interesting female characters, I'm a big Carrie Mulligan fan... Can't wait to see this.

Playing it Cool: this looks kinda silly and light hearted.


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