The gym: motivation and learning to love the constant struggle

Have you seen the latest ad for Nike BetterForIt? It totally hit the nail on the head for me.

As a lady who gyms, when I run outside, I honestly feel like 1 mile is 10. As a Bostonian, I've heard second hand accounts of actually being in a spin class with Gisele or JLawr. As a girl who isn't in the best shape but hits the gym kind of a lot, I get inspired by the strong ladies I work out next to, too. Sometimes that plank is too long. Sometimes those weights feel like my slippery hands are going to loose their grip. Sometimes I accidentally hit someone when I forget to stagger in Barre class and smile and nod in acknowledgement that we're all in this together (even with the baby weights).

What I love about this campaign is that it acknowledges that "fitness" is a hard status to achieve, a tricky thing to maintain, a life-long goal that sometimes feels hard or annoying, but in the end, the struggle is worth it.

I've been struggling lately. My office moved locations and it's cramped my style.

My gym doesn't cater to my new commuter lifestyle. I'm trying new classes and attempting to get into the swing of things... I used to be able to take 7 a.m. or 5:30 p.m. classes; now 7 a.m. is too late (good bye boot camp!) and I can't get to the gym until 6:30 p.m. Two fewer hours of classes a day to choose from is... the worst.

Of course, I don't make it easy--I have a couple body issues that I'm working through and further limit my options... I have a knee alignment issue that has contributed to a foot issue where it hurts in transition (flexing and pointing) so some classes are not a good fit for me... I'm working through both issues with a WONDERFUL chiropractor and my completely fabulous trainer, but I can't do the 6 a.m. trampoline classes and tabata isn't the best without someone constantly watching me (and most trainers will tell you those lifting classes are too full for the instructor to actually watch you closely enough for it to be safe unless you're a pro...)

So, here's the plan and what I've been doing (slash attempting to do...):
Mondays: Spin in the evening, I meet a friend at the class and it's based on the beat of the music which is fun. I'm treating myself to new spin shoes b/c a) I've been wanting them forever for the better work out b) my chiropractor told me it's a must (doctor's orders!) and c) it's going to be cool to fit in with the regulars.
Tuesday: There's an evening barre class that I need to start getting into... but it's at 7:30 p.m. which means that dinner has to wait until late (and has to be small), so I need to bring a snack with me and I've been forgetting...
Wednesday: Sadly the gym offers no classes for me on Wednesdays, so I need to come up with something to do that challenges me like a class. I'm not so good solo. My trainer said she'll help me with this one.
Thursday: Thursday evening there's a spin class and a Barre class, whichever I get into, I do!
Friday: I work out with my trainer in the morning, or will do a 6:15 a.m. spin class, which is perfect. I wish they had that every morning...
Saturday: there's a lunch time Barre class and at 9 a.m. they have spin and a boot camp... Sometimes all I want to do is sleep in or be lazy on a Saturday morning. And Saturday afternoons are so full of lunches, showers, beach days, picnics...12:15 barre might not be doable in a couple months time. The 9 a.m. spin and boot camp are great options if I can pull myself out of bed... (and I can do a double-header if I hang out a the gym for a bit!)

The change in my schedule, while annoying, has been fun. I've tried new classes which has got me back in the gym mood after a winter of dreariness. I also feel like some of the new classes really are great work outs! I tried to game the subway system (to no avail...), I'm getting new gear... What do you guys do for workouts? What motivates you?

This is what some of my friends did when we turned 30... Warrior Dash! I'm the one way in the back jumping over the tiniest flame of fire... post ankle sprain after falling off of a wall. Oh Warrior Dash. Thanks to my friends who cheered me on and stayed with me!  It certainly was inspiring!


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