Weekend Reads

I took a walk with my mom on the beach last weekend and took my camera. The salt water puddles made amazing reflections of the clouds in the sky. I've been investigating reflections lately and trying to capture pretty ones. They're everywhere--puddles, mirrors, windows, pools, buildings, it's been a fun self-assigned task. And as the snow melts, there have been lots of opportunities to try new angles and subjects. Do you ever assign yourself little challenges like that? This one is fun and easy and made me more actively engaged in my surroundings. I'm having a dorky blast while doing it! 

Best. Comment. Section. Ever.

Game of Thrones is BACK! A refresher on where all of our characters are.

I'm apparently obsessed with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She has a story in the New Yorker, "Apollo", and there's an interview with her.

I made these for Dad and Mom last night... I'm pretty sure Dad had no clue they were turkey meatballs. :)

Interesting article about charities and donations

Burger-King wedding to be paid for by BK.  “All we ask in return is that they live happily ever after,” Burger King said. “And maybe name their first child Chicken Fry.”

Guys. Did you know about this article about putting more women on the Ben & Jerry pint thing? Apparently I missed the article last week. Someone wrote 10 great suggestions. Now, there is a PETITION to get our Notorious RBG on her own pint. Obviously I signed. (Yes, I just tried to pass off like 17 links as one in this paragraph. It's fiiiiiiiiiiiine. Just accept it.)

Let's go to Cuba!

OITNB trailer is HERE~!

Cool campaign about fossil fuels by an editor who's leaving The Guardian in 6 months-nothing to lose, a legacy to gain

Where should you go get your MBA?

Beat the clutter

Even though I'm not a parent, this article made sense to me. As I get older, I value work-life balance more and more. It's one of the reasons I enjoy my job--I can almost entirely keep it at the office.

Now that the sun is showing it's pretty face and warming up the town a little, I totally understand Mary Oliver's "seizure of happiness." When looking at a wave, or walking on the sunny side of the street, sometimes I can't help but smile!!

I really want to make this salad before brussels sprout season is officially over.

Joan, Joanie, Iris, so many silver-haired icons are showing up in advertising.

What your office fashion choices say about you. Ha!

7 p.m. is kind of magical--everyone around the world has a similar happiness level then.

This study on ages and names is addictive and fun to read.

This spring cleaning list frightens me. And it's just for your kitchen. EEEK.

An aside for Boston foodies:
How to eat in Cambridge like a chef
Boston Public Market's vendors


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