Weekend Reads: April!!

It's spring!!! It's April!!! And, it's a long weekend (if you're like me and you get today off... Market is closed--so is my office. Woot!). I'm heading to my mom's for Easter this weekend. I went a little crazy planning dinner: roasted chicken with herb butter, asparagus and pea salad, roasted cauliflower with cheese sauce, and hasselback potatoes. I'm also going to make a coconut cake. YUM. All of the recipes are new, so I'm hoping they're as delicious as they sound... And I really want to get some time outside this weekend... rain today, but maybe tomorrow?! What are you up to for Easter? Hopefully you have some time to check out these links!

I loved Ready Player One--it's going to be so good as a movie!

I'm making this Chicken Tikka Masala tonight for a friend. Hope it's good!

For all of you Jeopardy fans, the top 10 categories

A new alphabet book featuring rad American women

I sincerely wish I could go back to school to take this class called Designing Your Life at Stanford

Climate Change is a huge problem, and the US finally seems to be moving the needle: Environmental Plan of Attack

Scrapbook: a cool way for parents to archive pics of their kids

Munchery: I can't wait for this to come to Boston!

I want this pantry. Too bad I live in a Susus(t)udio (yes, that is a Phil Collins reference)

This workout looks like torture, but in a possibly good way? "... a workout that, if performed correctly, will make you feel like you are dying very slowly (but very efficiently) in fewer than 20 minutes."

Alternatively... let's have a Caftan party!!!

I love the Stark ladies! Especially the sisters.

I got this adult coloring book and am loving it! An interview with the illustrator.

The Kitchn taste tested orange juices!!

Diagnose yourself (Doctor Endorsed).


  1. How did your chicken tikka masala turn out??

  2. IT WAS SO GOOD! I highly recommend it. It wasn't too spicy (I took out most of the Serrano seeds and white stuff)


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