Weekend Reads: New music and new weather

The Alabama Shakes new album Color & Sound is listenable on NPR and I've been listening and the more I listen to it, the more I love it. The above is one of the songs I've been loving. I can't wait for the album to pop up on Spotify. What do you think? I'm so excited for this weekend--it's going to be beautiful and I plan on putting a picnic blanket out on the common and reading to my hearts content. What are your plans?

Coffee fans: Pourover Primer. Also, do any of you use the Aeropress? I'm obsessed and this article about a competition for the best cup of coffee made with an AP made me want to try new things... Maybe I should do a blog on it!

I want to live here.

Ann Lamott's everything she knows so far in life "The mystery of grace is that God loves Dick Cheney and me exactly as much as He or She loves your grandchild. Go figure."

Such an interesting conundrum about how we answer negative questions. No, totally.

Have you heard about this guy who was released from prison on a clerical error, started a family, and then was re-arrested and put back in jail? Interesting problem. I think the courts should have flexibility--but I wonder what will happen. It seems like, if you do the crime you gotta pay the crime, but he's so rehabilitated! It's kind of a crazy conundrum.

I'm so impressed by this kitchen remodel DIY

The Saveur Food Blog nominees--I've followed a couple of these b/c they were new to me!

The math problem that stumped a nation. So, when is Cheryl's birthday?

In honor of the Boston Marathon on Monday, this is one inspiring woman with quite the story. She was the first woman to win the marathon (women's division), but beyond that, she's a holocaust survivor! This part made me laugh: Weiner ran her first Boston in 1974, finishing in 3:47. In 1975, she trained harder and felt more confident because of her experience on the course. “I ran with some faster men in 1975, and felt very good,” she says. “The only problem was the girls at Wellesley. They were so excited to see an older woman that they picked me up in the air, and offered me a beer. I said, ‘Let me go, I have to keep running.’”

High five, Hyundai. They helped Steph write a note to her dad... who's an astronaut circling Earth!

The best streets to live on in the Boston area includes a street in the town where I grew up. Too bad the home they listed is $7 million. YIKES. (It is the most insanely beautiful street ever, but still...).

Guys, remember the obsession with doppelgangers at the turn of the century (yep, 15 years later I went there)? This one is just tooooooo much. Twinsies.

This kitchen makeover at Smitten Studio is my absolute favorite. I keep wanting to pin the same pictures over and over and over again.

Did you watch Game of Thrones last week? Here's an oral history of the show--I think this quote gets to the heart of why the show has been such a success: These guys are very serious, and I mean that in the best possible way. These are not two guys that are interested in telling a story about dragons. They didn't come at this because they were interested in visual effects. They were really, profoundly, emotionally moved by the story of these warring families and about the thirst for power and love and validation.

An interview with a journalist who has been covering the Robert Durst story for YEARS. Super interesting. I totally want to read his book now! And I can't wait to see what happens with the trial.

Reading Funny Girl by Nick Hornby (of About a Boy fame) and really enjoying it! It takes place in the 60s and has a simple plot, but interesting characters... we'll see how it ends up!


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