Weekend Reads: Blue skies and flowering trees

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Spring is here, although it's a bit of a tease. It keeps coming, then receding, then the flowers bloom, then I need to break my sweater out again. I'm embracing spring wholeheartedly. I made this brothy pasta dish and it was like a spring party in my mouth. I used Israeli cous cous and turkey bacon, and homemade ricotta (makes such a difference), I can't recommend it highly enough!! I didn't take a picture but really wish I had!

I'm sure you've heard the sad news that the actor who played Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables died last week. This memory of the series and why he was special is so great.

Hawaii solar power is an interesting case for how solar power and electrical companies aren't working together very well. Time to get up to speed.

Serial won a Peabody!

In Boston Sports, Marathon Monday / double header / Patriots Day is special. And this story of the first woman who ran is pretty amazing. Makes me wish I was a runner.

Did you see that All the Light We Cannot See won the Pulitzer for fiction? (Ooops, I gave it 4 of 5 stars, but still, it was pretty epic)

Dancing / Organic Cows in Denmark go out to pasture for the first time since the fall. And it's ADORABLE.

Women of Silicon Valley is kind of like Humans of NY, but it tells the story of women who inhabit a primarily male field. Pretty neat!

It's rose season! And this article about 190-year-old champagne found preserved on a ship wreck is kind of cool!!

I love the way the Tokyo Airport updated it's walkways for the 2020 Olympic Hosting duties.

I'm as single as single can be, and yet, I loved this Q&A on Cup of Jo with a wedding reporter. I just put her book on my list of "to-reads." (Maybe not in public, though... that could be awkward)

Wow, no more smoking in bars in New Orleans. Awesome.

I totally agree that the whole tax system is flawed. It should be so easy in this digitized era! Why is it so hard?!!?

Design-conscious, inexpensive Danish home goods shop Tiger is coming to NYC! I'm dying to go and get some picnic ware... Ruth, want to scope it for me? :)


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