Big Screen: Pitch Perfect 2

I went to a 10:30 a.m. showing of Pitch Perfect 2 last weekend. I laughed constantly. It's totally my humor, and I love a good girl-power plot line.

Anna Kendrick was amazing, as she always is. Rebel Wilson... Can we say enough about how hilarious she is?! I love her. Elizabeth Banks DIRECTED this movie as well as playing the hilarious comentator. I loved all of the celebrity sightings--watch out for my favorite on in the Bella world competition...

It wasn't quite as good as the original, but it was still wildly entertaining. There were just a couple jokes that missed the mark for me--particularly the ones about the hispanic Bella. Those just kind of fell flat and felt a little... easy and dumb for a movie that's usually so funny and on-point. Also, I missed the periphary characters a little--it seemed like they got more storyline in PP1.

Overall, HIGHLY recommended for a good, heartfelt laugh.

Here's the trailer, I suggest you make a girlfriends night out out of it!

Some great GIF moments from the first Pitch Perfect movie:


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