Weekend Reads: Late!!

GUYS! Forgive me. I was running around like a crazy person and forgot to share this post on Friday!! Hopefully your Mondays are uneventful and give you time to read some links.

I want to have as much fun as Julia Child seems to in her kitchen.

Although I refer to it as "blowing off steam" I wholeheartedly agree with this article about why bitching helps you bond with friends.

This campaign managed to get 500% more people to quit smoking than the previous year in Thailand. Wow.

I REALLY want to hit up some National Parks... How gorgeous are these photos?

An interesting perspective from someone who was anti-GMO and pro-climate change, on why he swapped to pro-GMO, he makes a compelling argument. I think my issue is more with the monopoly on GMO plants, patents, and seeds and that it can lead to lack of plant diversity.

Great tips for Whole Foods Shoppers!

A city councilman wants to have free sunscreen dispensers in all of Boston's parks! I love that idea!

Finding work / life balance.

I love the artist JR and the cover of the NYTimes Magazine features his work. Here's the story behind the cover.

Ever heard of FOMO? What about FOGO? It's totally my speed. Ha.

Simple rules for eating healthily. (Not entirely new, but nice to see it all written down together!)

This is hilarious. A jockey lost his pants during a race and came in second, behind a horse named... modesty. HA!

As a girl who doesn't shower every day (unless I'm gyming and gross), I liked this article. My skin is too dry to shower every day and it's been so much better since I started doing the every-other-day thing, and I have super thick hair so it takes ages for it to look unclean.

The rise and the fall of the hotel minibar. I never consider even opening a minibar... my parents drilled that into me as a kid!

Interesting in-depth article on Silk Road.

Ok guys. Less than 1% of Americans have Celiac disease, and only 6% have gluten intolerance. Lots of GF food is more expensive and actually LESS healthy. What are we doing?! This trend has always made me a little suspect, so I'm glad to be proven right, ha!

I'm reading Brain on Fire right now which is the memoir (more like a researched news article type memoir) of a woman who basically goes crazy for a month due to an autoimmune disease. No one can figure out why until she's so far gone they've almost lost hope. The reviews are SO mixed, but I'm really interested in it and find it fascinating.


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