Weekend Reads: An-ti-que

Today I'm going to Brimfield, MA to the famous antique / flea market. My bestie Ashley invited me along ages ago, and I'm so busy at work that I've been worried about taking the day, but... I worked late last night and am feeling like I deserve this adventure! We're getting an early start and going to have a blast. I'm putting together a fun playlist for the car. I made some yummy ginger granola and hummus to bring as snacks. I've never been to a flea market before, but I'm excited! I'm bringing my fancy camera. I'd love to find an old drying rack, maybe some cool mixing bowls, champagne coupes, a rug, some art... so many exciting things to check out and get inspired by! What would you look for if you were poking around Brimfield?

Cute, easy, summery, inexpensive dress

The cookies I haven't baked--I know this feeling well!

"My Dad Tried to Kill Me with an Alligator" great (seriously great!) article by Harrison Scott Key about growing up in MI.

This cardigan is so cute... but which color?!

How to become a morning person.

Ivy Ziedrich, debater, college-student, questioner.

Woo hoo! Coffee isn't as bad for you as you think (and it definitely doesn't stunt your growth!)

Kris Jenner is a savvy business lady.

Who's excited to see the Gem and the Holograms movie?

Thanks Molly for sending me this article on The Art of Tidying Up, have you read it?

How to keep cut flowers fresh longer

Why adults are drinking a drink made for babies

Dishwashers save water AND make your dishes cleaner. Interesting.

Bees need our help.

This is such a great hashtag!!

I like these leggings--high waisted is so nice on leggings!!

Dangerous jobs (Financial Services is low on the list. I'm so lame.)

Books vs. Kindle, a great article about a lasting legacy. "It’s not that one is superior to the other. They each have their place in this modern world."

I'm reading an awesome nonfiction book right now, Just Mercy, I'm only 75 pages in but seriously into it. It's about a death row inmate case by the lawyer who represented him. I'm horrified by how broken our Justice system is.


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