Weekend Reads: Harried Flecker

This Scrabble ad makes me so happy. What a sweet and savvy way to tap into Scrabble-lovers--with anagrams!!  I had three friends over for dinner this week who I've known since before kindergarten and we looked at my old yearbook and laughed... and one of them mentioned an anagram someone put as their senior quote. I bet she'd love this ad, too.

How to choose a glass of wine (love that last tip!)

I changed my mind. I want to live here.

Can't wait for Florence's new album.

SUMMER!! I want to make all of these desserts.

Welp. It was all downhill from there.

The CEO of Toms reflects on his time on paternity leave.

Interesting article on the Clinton Foundation and its impact (a counterpoint to the worries of pundits about the foundation and it's political ambitions)

Speaking of charities, a guide to making sure you're donating money to worthy charties.

This article about what to do if you're a pedestrian or cyclist who gets hit by a vehicle was really informative. As a biker, I'm bookmarking it!

I made this buttered sriracha shrimp and rhubarb almond crumb cake for friends on Tuesday night and they were both a hit!

I hope your day is as good as this woman's.

What's the right way to reference non-academic skills that lead to success?

A roundup of the best grill pans out there.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I'm a fan of the Kardashian fam and their show despite the total celebrity-grab-reality-tvness of it all (I still think it's cool that we see how this weird, giant, loving fam works together and against each other and laughs and is silly and cries and deals in general and generally comes out happy), and this pic of the two little cousins leaving ballet class is so stinkin cute I had to share it!


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