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Who doesn't love Friday Night Lights? Coach Taylor is amazing. And in his role in Netflix's newish series Bloodline, he sort of reprises that role. He's a police officer who's family owns and operates a hotel / B&B in the Florida Keys. This show is similar in that it comes to a boil slowly. You have to give it a couple episodes, but then, whoa. You're addicted.

This family grows on you from the early episodes. You pick your favorites and root for them, then that changes and you root for someone else, and it just keeps evolving.

From the very beginning you know something bad happens, but you aren't quite sure what it is. There is a lot of foreshadowing, character development, and plot development that happens while you move closer and closer to the action that seems like it will define the rest of the show. I never got that annoying feeling that I sometimes get when a book or movie keeps taunting me with something that the omniscient narrator knows that I don't know, which was good. (That could have ruined the series for me.) Instead, it was a slow burn building up to an explosion (not really an explosion), that I enjoyed SO MUCH. Also, Chloe Sevigny has a part in this show and is wonderful in it. I love whenever she shows up on the scene.

It's both a family drama and a mystery which was a great coupling of two traditional themes that wasn't too predictable. It feels new, fresh, and addictive. Just the way I like my Netflix. Binge-worthy (although I couldn't do too many episodes at once since the themes can be dark--I liked that I had to spread it out).

Here's a great analysis on it from Vanity Fair.

Here's the trailer.

On another note...

Guys. My cable bill is $164. What IS this nonsense?!!? It does include internet, but that just feels like highway robbery. I just called and reduced the bill to $100. But it means I don't get the BBC! WAH.

I subscribe to Netflix and I'm an Amazon Prime member, which means I have a lot of online viewing options. Honestly, sometimes I think I should just cut the cord--but I do love some shows that are on TV right now (Homeland, Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, Elementary, Downton Abbey), if I could get Showtime and HBO sans Cable Subscription, I would probably get rid of cable. It's just so expensive! I do really enjoy Netflix and Amazon's instant movies. However, there's a LOT of trial and error--why is it so tricky to navigate Netflix? It used to be much simpler... Oh well.

Also, hate scrolling through Netflix's site? Yeah, everyone does. Which is why we make posts like this. BUT, someone came up with a fix (aka bookmarklet) called "God Mode" so it expands and you don't have to horizontal scroll anymore. Let's hope Netflix takes the hint.

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