Weekend Reads: Mother's Day

Mom on Shore Road!

Mother's Day! It's Mother's Day this weekend and I'm celebrating with my mom on Sunday. We made reservations at Babbo Pizzeria (Mario Batali's new restaurant in Boston!) and we're going to take some pictures of the window boxes in Beacon Hill, and try to stop by Northeastern to see the new El Mac Mural. It's supposed to be beautiful in Boston with a high of 87! (It was snowing 5 weekends ago... whoa). It will be a fun day and I hope mom enjoys it. She asked for no presents, but I got her a small little pot of local blueberry jam at Olives & Grace. Mom is obsessed with blueberries--she invariably tried to get me to have frozen blueberries for breakfast--in yogurt (with walnuts!), in oatmeal, with cereal! She can't get enough so I think I'm going to hit the nail on the head with this one. How are you celebrating?

Creative types are fleeing NYC for LA.

Next time I'm at the library, I really need to spend some time doing #bookfaces

I'm making Strawberry Eton Mess for dessert for a dinner party tomorrow night--I think it's a fun take on the usual strawberry shortcake. I'll report back. :)

JetBlue and Amazon Prime now have a deal so Prime members can access their videos in flight--so smart! Just in time for summer travels.

Some great bookplates if you got Mom a book for Mother's Day!

Wish I had a spare $3M plus a reno budget...

I spotted this gorgeous string of pearls plant in a shop on Charles St. yesterday and have to have one! Although... my apartment doesn't get good light. That's going to be a priority for my next apartment...

Yesterday was election day in the U.K. Look at how cute these polling stations are!

Beautiful and heartbreaking imagery out of Nepal.

This bookshop tour of the west coast is my dream vacation.

Paul Hadley is my hero. He and his team at the International Cocoa Quarantine Centre are investigating diseases that plague the cacao plant. He's basically making sure we have chocolate accessible for normal people for life.

These stickers Snickers put up around NYC are pretty witty.

As a born and bred Yankee, I thought this article in Town & Country on vintage/classic prepster brands was pretty fun.

Ryan Adams sings Bryan Adams.

A moment in time in 1945, Lee Miller in Hitler's apartment. This short piece in the Economist took my breath away.

This strawberry jam tart looks insane... Next time I see strawbs on sale, I'm MAKING this!

Someone made a Google Map of Westeros. Awesome!

Super interesting (short) article about  the MANY benefits of a measles vaccine


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