Monday Music: A few new tracks

At work I often listen to Spotify and I like to change it up by listening to my Discover playlist. Spotify adds tracks they think you might like, and it's often right on the mark. Last week was particularly good, so I grabbed a couple to share with you.

This one popped up last week and made me stop working to actually check it out. It's upbeat, fun, and just overall a nice tune to listen to at home, at work, or driving. It's a good mood jam.

A little blues-y and mood-y with an R&B feel, I really like this song. My head sways along with it whether I meant o or not.  

This feels like a song you want to listen to as you drive to a ski mountain. Harmonica and a little bit of twang in Foreman's voice makes it feel a little folksy. 

Also, an album of previously unreleased Jeff Buckley covers. Rejoice!

And... This Man Repeller post is pretty hilarious.


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