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Posted by Game of Thrones on Monday, November 23, 2015

Jon. Snow. (Or as the commenters on Facebook seem to think... Jon Targaryn, interesting...) I'm super excited about GOT this spring. They'll officially have out-paced the books. When does that ever happen!? It's just so darn compelling. 

Some reads for the long weekend:

Carly Simon reveals who (part of) You're so Vain is about! (via Town and Country)

Lip-synching/karaoke, as you know, makes me happy. Joseph Godron-Levitt's Janet Jackson makes me incredibly happy. This guy COMMITS! (via Rolling Stone) A new song, Kevin, from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and... Leon Bridges! (via NPR)

A couple in a long-distance relationship created an art project on Instagram that is SO neat! (via Mashable)

Remember the little girl who threw a tantrum at Obama's feet? Her mom wrote about it and is so down to earth. (via Slate)

I remember when Boston was on lock down. It wasn't scary in an immediate kind of way, but it was certainly frightening. The people of Brussels seem to have taken their lock down on with flair by helping flood twitter with cat pics. I'm inspired by their humor in the face of fear. (via NYTs)

Einstein's Theory of Relativity turns 100. And this article explains it and the impact it's had on science really well. (via NYTs)

This chia seed pudding is great (yogurt is key!) (Thanks Giada!)

39 ways to be a modern Gentlewoman (Elle UK)


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