What to Watch: Man in High Castle

Don't be alarmed by the still. Watch this trailer. 

Or actually, this one is longer but gives you a better perspective:

I'm a self-professed history nerd and I particularly love 20th Century American History. I've never read the book that this show is based on, but, I'm kind of dying to now. It's just so crazy to think about--what if we lost WWII? What would the world be like? This show is SO interesting. 

I won't spoil it, but, basically there's an American girl whose sister is killed. The sister gives her a newsreel of footage of the Allies winning WWII and she's inspired to help the resistance and understand what happened to her sister. Japan has the west coast, the Nazis have the East coast. There's a neutral territory in between. 

It's another Amazon Prime show, so it pays to have Prime. I'd say this is perhaps the best Prime show out there right now. 


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