Weekend Reads: What a long strange month it's been

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Guys. I'm wiped. I'm sick. I'm frustrated. But I'm finally back in my apartment. (and I saw GCJ live last weekend and, as ever, he is unreal) Here's hoping your weekend is wonderful and a few things to read in the interim.

This new Barbie commercial... finally gets it.

These condolence cards from Emily McDowell are pretty amazing (via Cup of Jo)

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg aka Notorious RBG  as a cultural icon (via NPR)

I want a dog (in theory, anyway). This site helps me find the perfect one (although it doesn't account for pound puppies...) (via Cup of Jo)

This plot of presidential candidates and the books they sound like is pretty great (via NYTs)

Your first spin class. SO TRUE. (via PopSugar) 

Everything about the new Adele music video, from the video's director! (via Vanity Fair) I always love Ellie Goulding, so I was so interested in this article about her split from electronic music (via NYTs)

Pitch Perfect 3 is a go! (via MTV)

Mary Numair foiled a Planned Parenthood protest in the best way (and you could totally replicate her sign as a Halloween costume!!) (via Slate)

Can you guess the book with only three word descriptors? TRICKY! (via Mental Floss) Also, the BBC IS DOING A MINI SERIES FOR HIS DARK MATERIALS! (via Vanity Fair)

Hehehe, this made me giggle (via Gemma Correll) 

The GOOP Fall TV guide and 2015 documentary guide

Boston is ranked the #1 place to survive a Zombie Attack THANK GOD (via Boston.com)

David Bowie's 100 Favorite Books (via the Telegraph)

EW. Throw away bread with even a spot of mold on it. (via NYTs)

I love Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on PBS (a little cheesy, but I love simple mysteries like that!), so thought this interview with the costume designer was so interesting! Who doesn't love costumes from the 20s?! Streaming Smackdown (I so want to cut my cable cord... but I'm scared!)

David Leibovitz's Parisian Kitchen. SWOON. (via NYTs)

Nat Geo Photography contest. Wow.


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