What to Watch: HOMELAND

Ok, are you watching Homeland? If not, WHY THE HECK NOT?

Alright, alright. Brody might not be a part of this season, but the GIF still works and I love GIFs, so get on board. :)

This season is really, really good. I'm an episode or two behind (thanks, flood), but I'm so enthralled and nothing else on TV quite matches up this season. It's the one thing I want to draw out and sip like wine. 

I'm invested in the characters and have my own favorites and hopes for them and they change and morph based on the plot. The characters I like and don't like ebb and flow. (Right as of this moment I want good things to happen to Quinn and to Carrie and not so good things to happen to someone surprising... But I won't say who.) It surprises me how much my opinions about characters change while watching a great show like this. It never seems to happen to me when I'm reading a book, I rarely change my perspective on a character once I have a feeling about them, but TV is different and has more of an evolution. Have you noticed that?

Some seasons I love, some I'm eh about, but this one is gripping and I'm seriously into it. Get involved. 

Do you have a show you've been watching for years? Do you feel the same way about the characters?

Also:  A chat between Claire Danes and Jeh Johnson  the secretary of Homeland Security who admits to binge-watching her. (via NYTs)


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