Weekend Reads: Boston smells like chilly weather

It's finally starting to get chilly in Boston, the leaves have turned brown, the sweaters are coming out, you can smell the fireplaces as you walk down the street at night. This weekend I'm planning on making chili and drinking hot cocoa and listening to the Tracy Chapman cover (above). What are you doing to celebrate the season?

This laundry room is amazing (via Smitten Studio) and this pantry is pretty awesome (via Chris Loves Julia)

The My Big Fat Greek Wedding #2 trailer is out. I can't wait to laugh along!! Hope it's as much fun as the first one. 

As winter approaches, maybe we need a Nordic state of mind. (via Fast Company)

How to get published by a literary magazine (via Buzzfeed)

The life of a vegan NFL linebacker (via GQ)

The shift in how people eat is having a profound effect on big food companies in the US (NYTs)

Ok, but seriously, how can you not giggle at (with?) the Kardashians? (via Buzzfeed)

I love this Saucony ad featuring the guy who creates/writes/cartoons the Oatmeal from MA (Newburyport!) agency Mechanica (via Ad Week)

The the American ambassador to the Court of St. James’s is reaching out to British Teens, and I'm kind of impressed! (via NYTs)

Advertising, from the viewpoint of an intern. I remember this feeling. (via Adweek)

Great life advice from smart people compiled at Cup of Jo

With Thanksgiving coming up, I'm totally intrigued by this method of roasting the turkey using a cheesecloth soaked in a butter/herb mixture... (via Half Baked Harvest)

On the 20th Anniversary of The Golden Compass (first book in the His Dark Materials trilogy), Slate interviews Phillip Pullman and it's great. Side note: When I worked at Random House I had the opportunity to interview him. More than anything, I remember my nerves, his kindness, and the sound of bacon cooking away on his stove as I interviewed him. Also, how Richard Scarry updated Best Word Book to be more culturally relevant in 1991 (via fusion)

The Bond age gap reversed (this is great, though they should have a hotter pic of Daniel Radcliffe in my humble opinion...) (via Buzzfeed)

Some great nail colors for this season (via Vogue UK)


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