Weekend Reads: Decamping to Mom's

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The snow has melted in Boston, so no more XC skiing for me. This weekend I'm heading up to my mom's and I'm helping her out with a dinner party. I'm hoping to take a walk on the beach and sit by a blazing fire for a bit, too. I have two books on my Kindle and mom told me she bought some chai tea--doesn't that sound like a divine way to spend an afternoon? What are you doing this weekend?

57 Things to do for yourself this year (via Food52) What your afternoon snack says about you. (via ManRepeller) 7 things Boston does REALLY well. (via Zagat)

How much would your favorite home from a movie home? (They need to update this with some recent Nancy Meyers movies!). (via Town and Country) This little home is so cozy and so similar to what I'd want for myself (maybe no loft, cozier couches, a little more kitchen storage... but so darn close;))if I ever bought in the burbs. (via Apartment Therapy) How House Hunters became the show everyone watches (via WaPo)

Why Prisoner of Azkaban is the best Harry Potter film (so interesting!) (via Kottke) Classic books, reduced to punctuation. (via FastCoDesign) A new Beatrix Potter book is being released! Books to read if you're into Making a Murderer (via Omnivoracious) Octavia Butler's note to herself is pretty inspiring. Believe in yourselves, people! (via Buzzfeed)

Oh no. Someone forgot to get input on a slogan before launching it... HILARIOUS (via AdWeek) Kristen annd Dax. I want to be friends with them. They made a video about Toto's Africa when they were in Africa many moons ago and just released it. And it's amazing.

Weddings in NYC in last weekend's blizzard. (via NYTs) Vanity Fair selected the perfect dress for the Oscar nominated actresses. These shoes from J Crew are adorable. 

Errol Flynn (of Thin Blue Line) on Making a Murderer "To me, it’s a very powerful story, ultimately, not about whether these guys are guilty or innocent—but it’s a very powerful story about a miscarriage of justice." (via Slate)

Only women showed up to the Senate after the blizzard. Because who run the world? Girls. (via WaPo)

This audible timeline of rap is SO COOL. (via Kottke) James Taylor got his big break from the Beatles, how crazy is that? (via Oprah)

Can you answer these Jeopardy questions about NPR? (via... NPR)

The waves at Jaws in Hawaii were some of the biggest people have ever paddled into--and survived. The pictures in this story about pros who surfed there last week are just beautiful and humbling. (via ESPN) The documentary that debuted at Sundance, The Eagle Huntress, looks awesome. Immediately after reading this article about unregulated chemicals I emailed my representatives. it's so scary! (via FastCompany)


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