Weekend Reads: On your mark, get set, 2016

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2016, 2016, 2016, 2016. It's here! I had a low key first night--I did 3 masks, watched St. Vincent (SO GOOD) and went to brunch the next day. Starting 2016 fresh with no hangover and with nice skin was pretty great. How did you celebrate?!

Selfie tips! (via Buzzfeed)

Books being turned into movies next year (I'm excited about this!!) (via Popsugar)

I made these great sweet potato, chipotle, black bean tacos (via Naturally Ella)

I'm totally obsessed with this home goods store Lagerhaus... but it only ships to a few countries! WAH!

Great quote about the Cold from Phillip Pullman (who I once interviewed) since it snowed in Boston this week (via Even Cleveland) These photos of snowflakes and the tutorial about how to do it have me wishing for fluffy white flakes (not the cement-like wet snow we got this week, wah)

This outfit is way too cute. And from Target. What's happening? (via Could I have That?)

A humpback whale breached in Narraganset bay.

Do you ever bring platters or pies to a party? This carrying case is so cute! (via Heath Ceramics)

This modern love column makes me think of a Mary Oliver poem in how the point is, stop hiding. (via NYTs)

15 new original shows on Netflix this year! And more shows to watch out for this winter (via NYTs)


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