Weekend Reads: Maxing out, relaxing

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It's Friday and I have NO PLANS FOR THE WEEKEND! My friend is currently having a baby, so I hope I can sneak by the hospital and meet the little love, but... that's it! I'm kind of excited about it... :) I might apply some masks, do my meal plan, I might stop by a friend's, I might go to a museum... Who knows? What are you up to?
Bad girl boss interview with Ivanka Trump in Town & Country (*don't love her dad, love her)

Movies to watch on Netflix (via HuffPo) (Best Enemies looks SO GOOD) 12 Documentaries to watch if you liked Making a Murderer (via Buzzfeed) The woman who testified against Steven Avery in the first trial wrote a powerful essay. She's a victim of that wrongful convition, too. (via The Marshall Project)

Diddy loves Downton, too. (via Vanity Fair) I'll definitely be tuning in to see War and Peace on the BBC with Paul Dano and Lily James, among others, acting in it. (via Flavorwire) Julian Fellowes is working on a serialized fiction piece, Belgravia, that will be released through an app beginning in April. Interesting... (via NYTs)

Mark Zuckerberg's great response to a Facebook comment (#girlpower) (via buzzfeed) Old news now, but Mark Zuckerberg is challenging people to run 365 miles this year (via Business Insider)

I love Game of Thrones and really need to read the books... Maybe this is the year! The show will outpace the books this spring. (via NPR)

Jane Birkin in the South of France (via MR), such a style icon. Anne Hathaway, I know she's divisive, but I like her. She saw paparazzi taking pictures while she was in a bikini, so she posted a picture herself before they could sell the images and took charge of the situ. (via Vanity Fair) Here's a healthy, yummy, breakfast I made this week. (via Bon Appetite)

How did I not already know the difference between Shiia and Sunni Muslims? NYTs has an interesting, simple breakdown.

The most anticipated books of 2016 (via The Millions) Bill Gates book blog is the new Oprah's Book Club. COOL. (via Seattle Times) 12 books by women everyone will be talking about in 2016 (via Elle) 10 books to read in 2016 (via BBC)

My friend is currently climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I think I'd prefer to head to the Giraffe Manor. :) (via Town and Country)

A heartbreaking piece on NPR. (Side note on part of the article: I agree, so many of my friends send their kids to daycare and the cost is obscene--sometimes it's cheaper to get a Nanny--how is that possible? And many of my friends make legit money, I honestly don't know how people who are middle class or low income are supposed to afford child care.)

This professional photographer's girlfriend hates to be photographed. The results are quite charming. (via HuffPo)

A really (surprisingly!) interesting article breaking down DraftKings and FanDuel (via NYTs)

95 things to do daily, according to the internet, hahaha (via Medium)

Really interesting article about Dupont, chemicals, and a lawsuit. (via NYTs)


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