Weekend Reads: Just a dusting in Boston

Dear Mid-Atlantic of these United States of America.I think we all knew it could happen. Every year when you pack up...
Posted by Bangor Maine Police Department on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our friends in the mid Atlantic states are getting pummeled today and tomorrow by snow. The Bangor Police department put together such a great, slightly funny, really helpful column of advice. I'm not going to lie. I'm a little jealous. I have my XC skis ready to roll, but there's no snow to roll on. Have fun, be safe my mid-Atlantic friends. Don't forget to pick up a couple books to keep you company during the shelter in place.

What your bun says about you. (via Man Repeller)

Inventors we forget about, who deserve to be remembered (via Mashable) Also: Sabrina Paterski, physics phenom Also: Interesting way to talk to your children to make them more successful (via Upworthy)

I had a stash of pears from my organic box and made them into this DELICIOUS cake (via Bon Appetite) RED ALERT: Single serving Sriracha packets are now a real thing (via Thrillist)

Why it became not uncool to like Justin Bieber in 2015. (Skrillex and Diplo, duh) (via FastCo)

Michael Pollan gets his own Netflix series (via kottke) The movie Manchester by the Sea is at Sundance right now and was filmed in my hometown. Weirdly, I know exactly where the yellow home in the background of the pic in this article is. (via Boston Magazine)

Beautiful farmhouse renovation (via Town and Country)

How to fake conversations about the Oscars (via ManRepeller)

The two minute face is basically what I do on a daily basis. (via ManRepeller)

The Haka performed at this New Zealand wedding is so moving. (via Mashable)

An interview with a wonderful editor, Lee Boudreaux, who has her own imprint (via Lit hub)

An owl took refuge from a storm under a mushroom. SQUEE.(via George Takei) 


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