Ode to a bath

The other day on Facebook I saw this and it made me think of  my mom.

My mom is a champion bath-taker. When I was growing up she often retreated to the bath, poured in some bath oil, and relaxed for awhile while I was watching TV or doing homework or whatever kids get up to. 

When I'm cold, to this day (her house is on the water, it can be a little drafty and she loves to keep the heat at low as possible. Such a Yankee.) she tells me to take a bath or a shower. When I came home from double-sessions for field hockey she'd have a bath waiting for my achy legs. When I'm tired, or sick, or have something that hurts, she'll say, "take a hot bath!" It's her cure-all. Particularly with some Avon Skin So Soft (I took a bath with some last year and saw an old family friend who said, WOW you smell like your mom. :))

While I take baths far less frequently than my mom, I do appreciate a good soak. I like testing the water and making it a little too hot so I can soak for longer. I like to read and have some light tunes in the background and light a candle, and sometimes I even top off my bath with really hot water so I can extend my relaxation a bit.

What about you? How do you warm up / relax / treat yourself?


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