Weekend Reads: June Begins

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How is it June 3 already? I can't believe how quickly this spring (and really this year!) have gone by. I'm a little sad that I'm turning 34 this month and don't have too terribly much to show for it (other than thousands of books and a little blue Mini), and... a boy I loved is getting married this month (I think, I can't bring myself to Google it), which never feels great (though, when things fell apart with us I literally prayed--which I rarely do--that he would be happy in life and find someone great, so I'm genuinely happy for him... I just had to unfollow his Instagram account and feel kind of sad for myself). BUT I'm working on my 'tude and plan to turn it around as I've been known to do. I've got a full 16 days to do that... plenty of time! I just bought tickets to see Ferris Bueller at Fenway Park. I'm planning a picnic for book club. (I'm dreading a birthday celebration with my family, but my mom won't take no for an answer). I'm taking as much time as possible to sit on a beach and read. I get to see a good friend who lives far away and there's a bachelorette party for her that I'm hoping to eek into after a wedding nearby. Also, I found out that one of my coworkers loves funfetti and his birthday is in early July, so I think funfetti cupcakes are on the agenda... and who can frown with funfetti on the calendar, amiright?! Last time his birthday was coming he asked for cake batter cookies, which are apparently a thing, and mine were terrible. I need to knock this one out of the park to redeem my crown as queen baker! Ebbs and flows; ebbs and flows. Here's hoping we have a June that flows.

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