PSA: Photos of Fireworks

It's about to happen. 

Your whole newsfeed will blow up (literally) with fireworks. 

How do you win the firework photo contest? It's the luck of the draw and a little skill, so take a couple shots / videos, but then put that phone/camera away and enjoy the fireworks. They only come around a couple times a year, don't spend the whole 30 minutes experiencing them through a screen. 

Put your hands behind your head, look up, rate them on a scale of 1-10, get the radio going and listen to the booms that celebrate the beginning of the good ole U S of A!

For great shots:
-Capture the setting (here's one of mine from a boat last year! The quality isn't great, but I like the storytelling that's going on--you can see the smoke from the previous fireworks, the boat, the couple on the stern of the boat, the reflection in the water and the lit up water from the boat)

-It might seem counter-intuitive, but go black and white with the post-edit. It's classic and covers a multitude of errors.

-Get the big, dahlia-style / champagne bursts--they show up best and have the biggest impact

-Try "burst mode" so you can get a bunch and pick the best one

-Try a Boomerang--they're so much fun and I think will be AWESOME on the 4th!

p.s. Some additional research:
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