Weekend Reads: Father's Day

I really loved the above Facebook post this week. It was calm, and true, and hit me deeply when I saw it. Christina Rosetti and Eric Carle, what a combination. Hope your weekends are full of love and wonder.

On Sunday, I'm celebrating Father's Day with my dad. I'm making him (and mom) dinner--from a kit I got in Rome! I can't wait to celebrate. Last year I made an effort to call my dad way more. He's not the type to pick up the phone and just ask how life is, so I have to be proactive about it. I call him most nights on my way home from work. I have bad reception in my apartment, so it's the perfect time to chat. I'm so glad that I've been doing that because it means we've had some fun chats and I get to hear his golf score, his latest thoughts on the news, news about the family. How do you stay in touch with family members you don't live with?

Who knew there were so many whisks?! (via Joy the Baker) 5 tips to buy better berries (via the Kitchn) Best Restaurants of the Year (via Food and Wine) I need a little frozé in my life (via Guest of a Guest) I'm not sure I believe this game... but it's fun (via The Kitchn) Some favorite ice cream parlors in and around Boston (via Boston.com) This looks delicious (via I Will Not Eat Oysters)
  I'm going to a wedding this week (and a bachelorette if I can swing it) and reading this wedding story made me smile. (via Food52 of all places!)

A calendar of fictional holidays (via Kottke) This nanna is so sweet (via Mashable) I can't wait to read this book (via LitHub)

This dress is so pretty (via Club Monaco)

This is a tough, heart-breaking read about a woman who found our her baby wasn't viable at 31 weeks. (via Jezebel) Cup of Jo on modern feminism that makes her happy (me too!) Adding to my list of cool gifts for little girls (via Slate) The sneaky radicalism of Call the Midwife (via NYer)

Hozier wrote a song for Tarzon... and was interviewed about it on NPR. And... it's pretty good!


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