Weekend Reads: All the Ladies in the Place with Style and Grace

It has been quite the week for women. I bet it's no surprise that I'm a Hillary fan. I'm thrilled she's the presumptive nominee. In fact, I get weepy and teary about it. And a female army commander won Miss America (see above). People have rallied around a sexual assalt victim in a way that makes me proud. And a little hot dog is winning the internet (over princesses). The cast of Girls posted a powerful video. A laugh from Samantha Bee. I'm a big fan of the ladies and this week has been... way above average.

I've written about Happy Valley before... Have you watched it? This article about it was great. (via The Millions) Binge-o-meter (via Mashable)

This is bananas (via Guardian) This is so cool. Might even work in my dark basement apartment! (via Buzzfeed)

What a tribute! (via Slate) New badass lady alert (GOT SPOILER, sort of) (via BuzzFeed) I hope this gets turned into a book. (via Vanity Fair)  Numbers 3, 5, 7, 11, 12, 18, 22. YES. (via BookRiot)

DYING of laugher (via Man Repeller) Props, Sprint and Deutsch. Pretty great. (via AdWeek) How to ghost from a group text :) (via Mashable) No one can doubt Obama's  sense of humor was giggling so hard at this one (via Jimmy Fallon)

Great series from The Kitchn about educating your eye. A town will be self supporting (food, water, waste). (via FastCo) A brief history of subway tile (via the Kitchn) Great father's day present. (via Oh Joy)

Really interesting look at voting in America by the numbers. (via NYTs)


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