Weekend Reads: I saw Adele this week :) :) :)

I got to go see Adele on Wednesday night at the Garden and it was amazing. She was 1) flawed in the best way (she missed a queue and blamed it on 2 adorable kids who she invited on stage and interviewed) 2) perfect--every second of her concert was amazing 3) low key and friendly, I think everyone in the stadium left the concert thinking, yep, I'm friends with Adele now. She told stories about her life, laughed, talked about how sweaty she gets when there isn't a fan pointed directly at her on stage, told us about professional girl crushes (Allison Krauss + Amy Winehouse), about her four doughnuts... It was just so much fun. I hope everyone gets an awesome night like that. I'm so, so, so happy I got to go. It was one of the best concerts ever.

Foliage Map (via SmokyMountain) Hehehehehe (via Digg)

I love hilarious fashion :) (via Ad Week) Great new commercial (via YouTube) But this one is even better than that one. (H&M) 

Rejoice--Apparently watching Game of Thrones with your partner is good for your relationship (via Quartz) I can't wait to read this new book (from a fellow Colby Alum!) (via Colby.edu) National Book Awards Long list is out! (via the NYer) This is so cool, Rotten Tomatoes for books! (via LitHub)

I love zipping around in my Mini, but I have to say, an electric car sounds kind of awesome (particularly if you own a home / have a spot to plugin where you live or work) (via LATimes)  This seems do-able and like a good way to start your day. (via NYTs)

At one of my first jobs we had a woman running the department. She was smart, loud, outspoken and exacting. She did not tolerate fools, but she raised up people when they did a great job. My friend/coworker and I loved her, but some other people (men and women) really disliked her. Reading this article (in the NYTs) about Mansplaining made me think of her and revisit how unfair I felt her treatment was back in the day. Jay-Z's video op-ed on the war on drugs is really thoughtful and good. (via NYTs) 

I'd love to live in a house like this one on Fire Island. All whites and wood. (via NYTs) I could really be tempted to get this. (via Ikea)


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