Weekend Reads: Is it Fall?

Last weekend felt like summer. This weekend feels like fall. I just made plans to pick apples. WHA? What are you doing to celebrate the unofficial beginning of fall? 

Do you watch crime shows? You know how they input a serial number and beep-boop-bip there's the gun owner? Well, that's a fallacy. This article from GQ was eye opening, and completely unacceptable.   This is great. Go General Mills. (via AdAge) Letting little things things go. (via Cup of Jo) The creativity of America (via WaPo) This is so upsetting. (via NYTs) WOW. (via Wired) How to follow the news. (via Cup of Jo) Wow. (via NYTs) How to get the presidential look (via WaPo)

Another Fall Book preview (via LitHub) How have I never noticed this before?! (via Kottke) A few Indie movies to hit up (via NYTs)

I never really thought about this, but it is so true (and I feel the same way about the Kardashians that this author does) (via NYMag) Etiquette via Jenna Lyons (Via WhoWhatWear) A profile of the Times food critic (via NYer) Matt Damon is great (and this article is such a novel approach!) (via GQ) I love Dan Rather on Facebook--seems like I'm not the only one. (via the Atlantic)

Choosing a houseplant (via Terrain) Time for a new pair? (via T&C) Yes, HGTV lovers, yes. (via BuzzFeed)

What to do with bad tomatoes (via Food52) How to eat Pho (via Bon Appetite)

It's September, which means everyone is moving. Next time I move I'm totally doing this.

My Fantasy League started this past week. I think I might need to create something like this for the winner. (via Mashable)


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