Weekend Reads: Sweater Weather

You guysssssssss it's that magical time of the year when you can wear sweaters, jackets, fleece vests, and all of that stuff (sometimes with sandals...). I love this time of year--and I'm heading to Maine this evening for a wedding tomorrow and hoping to get a glimpse of some changing leaves. Wish me luck!!

4 Ways to style a bed (via Studio McGee) I loved reading about and seeing this reno--wouldn't it be nice! (via the Sweeten)

The timeline at the top of this article is literally my life every day. Time to get some healthy, easy dinners on a weeknight together. :) (via Bon Appetite) The science behind salting your tomatoes. (via SeriousEats)

Career advice from women--I particularly love the advice from Nora Ephron (via Cup of Jo) Hehehehe (via Vulture)  This meditation on a wedding day was pretty great (via NYTs) On not taking a compliment (via NYer)

Big love for Big Papi (via the Players Tribune) And more, hehehe (via Lyft)

Netflix's Amanda Knox documentary is coming out on the 30th, can't wait to see it because it seems like a true crime type of thing I'd be into. (via NYMag) The 100 best TV shows of all time (via Rollingstone)

Love this (via NYTs) Interesting book review (via NYTs) And really love this (via my friend Ruth on Facebook)

Also: I can't wait for Nov 4th...


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