Weekend Reads: Maineward Bound

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I'm on my way to Maine for the weekend--I'm heading up to my Alma Mater for a working session and bringing my mom along for the ride! I'm hoping it's peak leaf-peeping because Maine awash in fall colors makes me so happy. What are you up to this weekend?

HOW DID THEY KNOW? (via Buzzfeed) Not sure how this became de rigueur, but I'm into it. (via HuffPo) Hehehe, this is so great (via McSweeney's, an old RHCB coworker wrote it!!) Wedding hair, a parody (via NYer)

I really liked this speech at the Emmys (via Refinery 29) The best Seinfeld episode, ever, according to data (via Medium) Great ad from the Emmys (via Netflix) I really love FX shows and this article shows me why. (via HitFix via NextDraft) Beautiful looks from the Emmys; I particularly liked Sarah Paulson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tina Fey, Rami Malek, Sophie Turner, Joanne Froggatt, America Ferrera, Michelle Dockery, Amanda Peet, Kathryn Hahn, Regina King and Hari Nef (via Buzzfeed)

Thoughtful story by my college professor (via NYTs) What an interesting pen pal relationship (via NYer) What a cool program! Where do non-Africans come from? Africa. (via NYTs) This little boy... <3 (via NPR)

Crappy Dinner Parties sound kind of awesome (via The Kitchn) Best restaurants around the world (via CNT) What a great campaign by Land O Lakes (via AdWeek)

Oh man, I'd LOVE to stay in this guest house (via Apt Therapy) Do you remember? (via NPR) What's your Patronus? (via Pottermore) Ikea forever (via NYTs) 25 women on being single (I wish I felt as confident as some of them do) (via NY Mag)

Did you see this earlier this week? 25th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast. Wow! Angela Landsbury's voice is as beautiful as ever.


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