Weekend Reads: Let's hear it for the girls!

I was in Austin last weekend celebrating a friend's wedding and had such an amazing time. When I hang with my best girls, it just reminds me how lucky I am to have friends like mine--fun, silly, smart, serious, independent, crazy, and they love me and I love them. It's such a great feeling. We talked about everything--work, school, kids, husbands, friends, politics, religion, love, homes, life, cars... you name it, we talked about it. Girlfriends are seriously the best. I feel so tremendously lucky to have found my girls and to have them in my life.

I love ManRepeller. This is hilariousThe age old question (well, maybe no age old...) (via NYTs) This long-read is INSANE. About the Uber driver who went on a killing spree (via GQ)

This week a lot of kids went back to school. This article in the NYTs has me thinking about all of the children and teachers in the US. 

Thurgood Marshall's love story. (via WaPo) Interesting insight (via NYTs) The story of Chicken Nugget (the caterpillar / butterfly) is pretty great (via Buzzfeed) Stars, they're just like us (via HuffPo)

This is a great house tour in Boston (via Apartment Therapy)

Illustrated Little Mermaid (via Brain Pickings)  Buzzy Fall Books (via BuzzFeed) Adding this one to my "to-read" list (via NYTs) Is it bad that I've accomplished 97% of this book-lovers bucket list? (and the other 3% I have no interest in?) (via PopSugar) Galileo saw reading as a way of having superhuman powers. For Kafka, books were “the axe for the frozen sea within us”; Carl Sagan held them as “proof that humans are capable of working magic”; James Baldwin found in them a way to change one’s destiny; for Polish Nobel laureate Wislawa Szymborska, they stood as our ultimate frontier of freedom. Read what Neil Gaiman thinks. (via Brain Pickings)  Why the British tell better children's stories Hmmmmm--interesting read. (via the Atlantic) Love this story / interactive article about Hamilton (via WaPo)

50 Great travel movies (via CNT) This is so neat (via Amtrak) 
Road Trip! (via Apartment Therapy) Or this one. (via Country Living)

Tomato YOLO (via the Kitchn) Best tomato sandwiches (via Food52) Tomatoes that might go extinct!! (via Food52) Tomatoes are expensive for a reason. (via Food52)  

Roses under $20 (via The Kitchn) But first, coffee (via the Atlantic) How to frost a cake (via Joy the Baker) 

But back to the Olympics for one more second (because I forgot to post last week...)... I was so curious about why PR competes as a separate country (ALSO WHY AREN'T THEY JUST A STATE ALREADY?). NPR investigated.  US Woman slayed at the Olympics (via NYMag) and so did feminism (via HuffPo)  <3 The best photos of the Olympics (via Buzzfeed) These composite photos of the athletes are amazing. (NYTs) Final medal counts. (via NPR) Very cool. (Via Boston Globe) And just two more commercials from Nike. The best Olympic Memes (via NYMag)


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