What to Watch: White Helmets

I watched an incredibly movie 40 minute documentary last night on Netflix called White Helmets. It's about a group of Syrians who volunteer for a service that helps any citizen following a bombing.

They climb through rubble looking for survivors, they put out fires, they check on elderly people nearby, they run into danger because they value human life. It is dramatic, and it's dangerous. But it's also necessary.

This 40 min documentary is WELL worth your time. It illuminates the humanity of the situation in Syria, which is something that usually only happens when we see a little kid covered in the dust of a bomb and his own blood. This, instead, gives us hope and brings the issues into focus.We need to help these people who are so desperately trying to help themselves--either by leaving or jumping in and helping save people from the incredible destruction.

This group is up for a Nobel Peace Prize, and they really deserve it.

And the NYTs has a brief article about the Syrian war that is really helpful to understanding the conflict.


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