Gym Music

I had lunch with friends on Monday and when I told them that I don't consider myself a gym girl they balked. Apparently I have a new rep and it's that I go to the gym a lot. And it's true, I do. (Bootcamp, barre, personal training... I used to love spin but the new spin studios stole the best instructors). HOWEVER, I'm not a natural gym girl. I'm klutzy, not lithe, not competitive, not naturally inclined to run. I like classes where someone tells me what to do, or working out with a personal trainer where she corrects me and challenges me (and gossips with me). So, when I work out alone, I need some music to help me get into the groove (as Madonna might say).

Here's my unending gym playlist (I add and delete indiscriminately. I need a lot of options in case I'm not in the mood for the playlist's next shuffled song).

I think we're all going to need some motivation post-gluttony of Thanksgiving.

Also: when I work out I don't wear my classes, so if you see me and I'm not waving, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just literally not seeing you.


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