Weekend Reads: So New England

Guys, I'm going to a college football game tomorrow. Well, I'm going to a tailgate, anyway. It's my friend Emily's b-day and her husband is throwing a tailgate. Doesn't that sound like such a blast? It's the Harvard-Yale game, none of us went to Harvard or Yale (mostly Colby and UPenn), so we're not actually going to watch the game, just be super New England-y and tailgate and wear flannel and hats and mittens and drink some beer. I am so excited!! And, it's at 10:30 am which means no late night for me!!

Update: Still have the cold, it is still utterly freezing in Boston, had 2 more unsuccessful cooking attempts (soggy whole wheat pizza and a cider braised chicken that was bland), but went to dinner twice and both of those dinners were delish. PHEW. I might have to make a standby this weekend to get back in my cooking groove. :)

Did you see The United States of Thanksgiving from the NYTimes? (not so sure that clam and chorizo stuffing is what I'd pick from MA, but it's still cool.)

Hehehe, how one missing letter can change a movie. Illustrated.

People keep coming up with better security questions. This one made me laugh.

Grocery store pastas ranked by chefs

How pretty is this wrapping paper?

This makes me so sad. Every year of 50 tons of trash end up in this marine refuge.

Grocery store psych 101

I just started reading The Minaturist and am REALLY enjoying it!

How great is this new passport design from Norway?

The Wayfair sunglasses, a brief history. (And a handsome pic of JFK on a boat)

Wondering why it's so cold right now? These charts do a great job of explaining!

A conversation with Cheryl Strayed and Gillian Flynn.

Maggie Shipstead wrote a blog post of all the things she would have Googled if she could (while on a boat trip for 2 weeks), and it's awesome.

How crazy is that snow in Buffalo? Look at these beautiful pics a photographer took from the air.


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