Weekend Reads: Listening to a podcast

You're listening to Serial, right? If not, you gotta get on it!! I'm addicted and can't stop talking about it--my coworkers, my friends, my friends' inlaws, people at the gym, strangers, my family. EVERYONE must start listening!!! :) Each Thursday a new episode comes out and tells the story of a murder and murder trial. Did the guy who get convicted do it? Or was it someone else? Each week I feel differently. And so will you. The funny thing is, if this was a TV show we'd have preconceived notions about whether someone was telling the truth, was guilty, was innocent based on silly things like what they were wearing and what they looked like. One of the cool things about this podcast is that it strips it away, down to just the story. I started my initial binge listen while tidying my apartment and ended it sitting on the couch with a mug of tea unable to concentrate on anything but Sara Koenig's voice and the story she was telling me. It's that enthralling. Just listening to a story is something I don't do often, but listening to this is so engaging.

Here are some fun reads for your weekend.

7 Deadly Sins of DIY, so true.

Places to visit.

I had leftover cake (omg, that cake, seriously unreal) and made bread pudding rather than toss it. WHOA. Revelation!

I really liked this interview with Taylor Swift. Even though she pulled her music from Spotify, I still love her.

How to be a New Englander. (Not sure I totally agree all of these... but some of these are on point)

Neat ways to show off your travel memorabilia!

10 greatest changes in the past 1000 years. Personally, I'd add the invention of the cup cake, but... I guess we'll leave it off for now. :)

This Tiny Desk Concert with Banks is great, but the embed code seems to be iffy so here's the link.

5 things to do in your kitchen before going to bed. These are such great ideas... I need to make this my routine!

How great are these international idioms?! (Found them on Cup of Jo and dug a little.)


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