'Weekend' Reads: Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. As a history nerd, nothing is better than a holiday that focuses on history. My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. Thanksgiving has the added element of eating tons of deliciousness, so there's that. :)

A salted caramel cheesecake I made for Thanksgiving a couple years ago. YUM.

Things I'm thankful for this year:
My dad's health. In the past two years he's had some health struggles. He's a life long smoker which breaks my heart, and so his illnesses aren't unexpected, rationally, but seeing your dad sick and recovering from health scares is the worst. He's all better now and has a crack team of physicians, he just retired, and I hope the drop in stress level will help keep him healthier. If only I could get him to quit smoking...
My mom's kindness. Even though my parents are divorced, they're bffs. And my mom stepped in to care for my dad like a boss. She took him to dr's appointments, she brought him groceries, she picked up his medications and spent time with him every other day. She was thoughtful (brought him flowers, and fresh fruit, and healthy things even when all he wanted was roast beef sandwiches), and kind (stayed to hang, made him dinner, watched boring old golf with him), and just generally awesome in the face of (excuse me) shitty-ness.
My friends. I love my friends. They make me laugh, they keep me entertained, they're crazy and a little bit raunchy at times, but man, I can't think of anyone I'd rather be surrounded by than my group of smart, ambitious, thoughtful, loving friends. They are fancy business people, librarians, moms, fashionistas, good at splitting checks, have thoughtful things to say, like to dance to Whitney Houston, cook me delicious items, they are sometimes a little raunchy, they know how to be thrifty, they lust after nice cars, they pretend Gisele is our bestie, they know how to start a fireplace fire, they know how to pick their battles, they let off steam, they get frustrated, they encourage each other, they fiercely defend each other, and they let me be myself and love me for it. Can you think of anything better? (Not to mention their significant others are pretty rad, too.)

It's a bit early for a Weekend Reads, but, it's vacation so you do what you do, amiright?

I love this idea for Thanksgiving. Questions about thankfulness.

Thanksgiving Wordsearch! (Printable)

I'm thankful someone came up with this. Want a Hipster company name? Look no further.

Movies paired with food--love this! When Harry Met Sally and Deli Sandwiches? YES.

I thought this article about Mr. Money Mustache (yes) was interesting. I don't think I could do it, but it's solid advice and I'm thankful people are taking this advice.

Um. This is scary. How much workout will negate that Thanksgiving gluttony. #yikes

SOB! This story about a stray dog and a team of extreme athletes is pretty amazing. I'm thankful for these athletes and their big hearts.

Guys, wind and solar power is starting to be cheaper than traditional means of power. So awesome. Despite what everyone says, money is a motivator in our capitalist society and this gives me hope. (Did you watch The Newsroom on Sunday? Eeek!) I'm thankful renewable energy is taking a front seat.

As a girl who has spent a lot of time searching Getty for stock images, this Totinos advertising campaign makes me laugh. I'm thankful for that.

I'm thankful for teachers. NPR is doing a column on the secret life of teachers. Love the latest one.


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