Monday Music: Hamilton

Ok, I realize that my past few "music Mondays" have been suspect--covers? Podcasts? Making-ofs? And now here I am adding another weird one to the mix, but honestly, as someone who loves history and theater and rap... this is kind of my jam and I'm not afraid to admit it.

There's a new musical in town (NYC), Hamilton, and I'm wishing I still lived there so I could see it in person. It's a musical rap, R&B, jazz, Broadway, pop--but definitely still feels and sounds like a musical. It's about Alexander Hamilton. What?! Something feels both perfect and wrong about that combination. The lyricist/songwriter (I'm sure I'm messing up the terminology, but you know what I mean), Lin-Manuel Miranda, just got a MacArthur Genius grant. I'm seriously into it.

Take a listen--what do you think? I'm totally in love and DYING to see it in person.

P.S. Have you been hearing odd pronunciation in songs lately? Buzzfeed investigates, and it's super interesting.


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