Weekend Reads: Sad week

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What a week. I don't even know what to say about all of this sadness, so instead, I'll just post what I'd been working on this week and send love to those injured and the families of those who were killed.

My new favorite NYTs column: My Bookshelf, Myself (aka 10 Favorite Books)

This is so funny: Bourdaine trying to get Anderson Cooper to eat outside his comfort zone.

How to care for your home library (via houzz)

Buttermilk substitutes (via Joy the Baker) I used the yogurt one when making these yummy pancakes (via Brooklyn Supper)

Tee hee hee, Gemma Correll's cartoon about Ghost Style has me giggling (cropped! Hahaha)

These quote illustrations are SO impressive!

Some eye make up tips (via Verily Mag)

This salad looks delicious--and so seasonal! (via Brooklyn Supper)

An article about Rihanna, without her comment. And it's funny and good. (via Need 2 Know, my favorite newsletter)

The deities of men's style (via NYTs)

I loved this little essay by Elisabeth Egan about writing her novel on the train (via Omnivoracious)

Why Bean Boots are so tricky to get your hands on. I've had mine for approx 12 years now... and they're still holding strong. (via Bloomberg)

It's banned books week--here's a crossword puzzle to celebrate the fact that barely any books are banned in the US (via Books on the Nightstand)

This Monopoly proposal is super dorky and pretty cute. (via Buzzfeed)

Other ways to use rice krispies (via Food52)

How phones impact our relationships (vis NYTs)

Wedding season--this made me laugh. (via the Onion)


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