Weekend Reads: Road trip!

Justin Bieber's new video (it's all dance! Song produced by Skrillex!), perfect for the weekend. What are you up to this weekend? I plan to jam out on the drive up to Maine to visit friends today. ;)

Clear solar panels have been invented. HELLO SOLAR PANEL WINDOWS!

I made this super yummy Farro BN Squash Kale risotto with my mom on Sunday. (via Alexandra Cooks) This deconstructed falafel salad might be on the list soon...

I really want linen bedding. What do you think of this? (via Lark & Linen)

Great column with Emma Straub (cool girl author of The Vacationers) (via Cup of Jo)

Cool watches for creative types (via Kottke)

Jason Waterfalls. (via Buzzfeed)

This shredded kale and brussels sprout salad is really delicious. I'm trying to talk my family into having it at Thanksgiving. (via Just a Taste)

50 best non-fiction podcasts (via Kottke) And 10 great audiobooks (via Cup of Jo)

Wednesday was Back to the Future Day, did you notice? USA Today recreated their iconic cover (with a few edits)

An interview with Terry Gross of NPR (you know her voice) (via NYTs) And one with Mary Louise Parker (via Elle)

It's holiday card season! Ever wonder how to make your last name plural? Please, please read this article and save your grammar-conscious friends the cringe. :) (via Slate)

There's someone living in a truck on the Google campus paying off his student loans quickly with his income from Google b/c he has no rent. #jealous (via Business Insider)

Passwords in Iambic Pentameter (they fuck you up, your mom and dad hahaha) (via slate)


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