Weekend Reads: My flood

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Guys. It has been A WEEK. Last Wednesday (Sept 30), my apartment flooded thanks to rain storms. Mud, water, grossness all came into my apartment through my window and the floors rippled, the cabinets were sodden with water, there was mold. I'm a homeless nomad for several weeks as the work is done to repair my apartment. I'm so lucky--none of my stuff was ruined. I could be someone in South Carolina with no home, or someone in Syria jumping into a plastic boat trying to get to safety. I'm staying with family and friends and they're so kind, helpful, and wonderful. But still... it just... sucks. So. My October has not been great so far. I'm tired, frustrated, unequipped for the weather (my clothes have been boxed up). I'm cranky, which is not like me. So here's to a long weekend where I can regroup and smile and generally compose myself. I hope you have a relaxing, composure-inducing, long weekend too!

Warren and Richards, strong smart women.

SNL. I'm into it again. Kate McKinnon is amazing. Pete Davidson rocks it.

Facebook is testing Emojis... no, there's not "dislike" button, and I'm kind of glad about that (NYTs)

Interesting economic news for the environment (via New Yorker)

How to be a modern lady (via Town and Country)

I just love the cast of GOT  (via Buzzfeed)

People Magazine printed phone numbers for our elected officials in response to the latest mass shooting. (via The Week)

This scientist's job is keeping Mars safe from Earth. (via NYTs)

Board games are cool... DUH (via Economist)

Libraries are pretty special (via Verily)

5 strategies to keep your pantry organized (via the Kitchn)

The 25 most popular bedtime books of all time (via Van Winkle's)

Why protecting the ocean is important by John Kerry (via Medium)

Nicki Minaj in all of her awesome glory (via NYTs)

Won't you be my neighbor? Jack White goes unrecognized at a neighborhood potluck.

Lauren Conrad's great and simple Halloween Costume ideas (via WhoWhatWear) More Halloween costumes

Science is cool. NASA and ESA are going to try and change the trajectory of an asteroid (via IFL Science)

Comcast called me and said I need to upgrade my router. Surreptitiously, The NYTs had an article on just that topic... 


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