Weekend Reads: Bundle Up for the Weekend

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It is going to be FRIGID in Boston this weekend. Like, so freaking cold that I've received texts, email, and phone calls from the City about making sure to not go out for more than 10 minutes at a time when the wind chills are so low. I plan to snuggle up, bake something, cook something, and not leave my apartment (except to start my car) unless I have to, or to celebrate my mom's bday. LONG WEEKEEEEEEND! Stay warm, friends!

I finally got around to reading the speech Obama gave at a Mosque in Baltimore and it was pretty amazing. Steeped in history, dignity, and patriotism. My old college professor wrote a great op-ed about the anger of the voters and candidates (via NYC)

I totally agree with these top Super Bowl spot picks from AdWeek (though I liked the Sheep ad, too) (via AdWeek) I really like Beyonce's new song/video--and thought that this essay on it was enlightening (via NPR) and this one is EXACTLY how I feel about it, but wasn't sure how to put it into words (via HuffPo Women) Love this insane choreography to Formation, I wish I could move like that! (via buzzfeed) Have you seen the new OK GO video? Pretty great (via NPR)

This website only stocks products that last a lifetime. (via Mother Nature Network) Madrid is spending millions to add plants to available spaces in an attempt to offset some effects of climate change. (via FastCo)

These jokes had me DYING of laughter. (via Buzzfeed) It's GS Cookie Season! This cartoon made me laugh (via Gemma Correll)

A bookstore tour of Boston! (via The Culturist)

Marie Claire did a really interesting, in-depth article about women and guns in America Misty Copeland recreates scenes from Degas for Harper's Bazaar. Dorking it up again, this article on how eye color works is so interesting. (via Medium)

New trailer for House of Cards... I'm excited. (via T&C) Photos of the next season of GOTs eeeee! (via Vulture)

I'd totally live in this house with a rooftop infinity pool. (via Kottke) 

I kinda like this hat. All I want is a hat with a pom and I can't find one that's not toooooo droopy, you know?


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