Weekend Reads: I'd like to thank the academy

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I'm basically Beyonce, right?! 

It's Oscar Weekend! Which means... I'll be watching the red carpet and rooting for my favorite movies and actors. Will you? It usually goes so late, but I stay up because I'm a bit of a dork. I'll be posting my Oscar pics tomorrow, so get excited. What are you up to this weekend?

A really moving article from David Carr's daughter on the one year anniversary of his death. (via the Observer)

How to become resilient. (via NYer) The absolute importance of adult friendships, and how to nurture them (via HuffPo) How to win at Monopoly (via IMGUR)

Ever wish you could own a book shop? Take a vacation and work at this one in Scotland for two weeks! (via Apartment Therapy) Ring Road in Iceland is on my trip wish list (via i am a food blog) 

Frank Gehry built a sailboat, and it's beautiful. (via Town & Country) An interview with real life a Fixer Upper couple! (Chip and Joanna?! HGTV?!)--spoiler, they don't get to keep the furniture :( (via Holy Craft via Pop Sugar)

NASA has released some beautifully designed posters to the public--they're free downloads so all you have to do is print them! How cool is that?! This redesign of the Boston.gov site is so smart, thoughtful, and well designed. (via Boston Magazine) These Photoshop ads featuring a faux Bob Ross are AMAZING. (via AdWeek)

How to Snapchat like a teen. NARP?! My friend Maura sent this article around and I was like, YUP, confirmed. I'm not going to participate in the SnapChat game. But it is great article (via BuzzFeed) I need a new passport pic. Prince's = #goals (via Mashable)

As a girl who's fascinated by fashion, though by no means adept at it, I loved this slideshow of street looks at NYFW--there's something more attainable and fun about seeing how the fashion set turns out and dresses to impress, particularly in the rain and snow. (Via Vogue UK)

Cheap doughnuts around Boston. Uh oh. This is a dangerous map. As is this list of best brunch food in Boston. ( Both via Eater) I got some snow peas at the Boston Public Market on Sunday, and I turned them into this and then this. Nothing has ever been simpler, faster, or more surprisingly delicious. I also got some spinach and am thinking of doing this gnudi or this fresh spinach pasta.


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