Weekend Reads: Ready, Set, COMMERCIAL

VIDEO: A half-century of Super Bowl ads.
Posted by AdFreak on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

As an ex-ad gal, I love watching the SB for the ads... particularly since my team didn't make it this year (by a hair! Would have been fun to see Brady in the finals again... but, go other teams!). I thought this round-up of ads was pretty fun to see. I like watching for ads that my friends worked on or that are just smart and fun in general. It's funny that some ads have teasers (a :30 spot having a teaser is pretty hilarious), and I love hearing the buzz about which ads will win/lose the SB up to game time. This year I'm loving the Heinz one. And this one's pretty great, too. And Pantene did one that's really sweet (not even sure if it's actually running during the SB...)! And the Ax ad (!?!) is such a smart evolution of the brand--I really liked it. (The Avocados of Mexico ad is kind of funny, too)

Annie Leibovitz took some beautiful photos of women in Hollywood (via Vanity Fair) Some tips for better Instagram pics (via R29) 

I feel like Chris Martin is in the spotlight right now, and I love it. He's so sweet and so funny! The James Corden car singalong with his is great. This video put a huge smile on my face. (via Elle) 100 Jokes that Shaped Comedy (via Vulture)

A non-crazy look at the primary season (via Skimm) (NH this weekend!)

The solar highway France is building is so cool--and imagine how much the whole world will learn from it?! (via Ecowatch) This article about the potential for a 9.0 Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest popped up on my Facebook newsfeed (even though it's from 2015), what an interesting, well-reporting, frightening read. (via NYer)

Wow. There's an editor out there, Chris Jackson, who edits so many wonderful books (like Just Mercy, Fresh Off the Boat, Decoded, Ghettoside, Between the World and Me) and is part of a cultural movement. It always shocks me that editors aren't credited until the last page of the book, if at all. They're such an integral part of the shaping of a book.

A Smith alum bought Julia Child's home in France and is going to turn it into a Culinary retreat! (via Boston) I made these brownies for a coworker's birthday Thursday and they were DELICIOUS. (via Food52) I'm thinking of making this Chicken chili sometime soon (this weekend?)... I've never made chicken chili before and it feels like time! (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

I used to hoard quotes. This tumblr would have been catnip for me back in the day. (via Cup of Jo) How to read 100 books a year (via Cup of Jo)


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