Weekend Reads: Oscars, for real this time.

This trailer for the movie adaptation of the book The Light Between the Oceans looks wonderful. I loved the book and love these actors--I have really high hopes for this.

Weekend!!!!! I'm busy having fun girl time this weekend--tonight I'm going to see Room with my friend Kristin. Then I'm doing a mani pedi with Erin tomorrow. Sunday I'm having brunch in JP at a friend's. Then OSCARS!! (Oops, totally thought that was last week, ha). What are you up to this weekend?

The political power of the single woman (Me!) (via NY Mag) The new Under Amour Ad features the US women's gymnastic team and is absolutely amazing (via Elle, via my friend Maura posting it on Facebook--she coaches women's field hockey, softball, squash...)

Whales playing under the northern lights. Wow. (via Mashable) This Yosemite waterfall looks like it's on fire. Beautiful. (via NYTs)

Hugs make me happy (via Elle) Frank Underwood's portrait now hangs in the Smithsonian (via Vulture) HRC visited the set of Scandal Girl power! Also, she's setting herself up for some scandalous comments... but whatevs, #worthit (via Mashable)  An early demo track for Chicago by Sufjan Stevens is pretty great. (via NPR) Toddlerography by Jenna Dewan Tatum and James Corden. Hahahah (via PueWow)

I'm thinking I should check out the Maparrium in my neighborhood, which I've never heard of before! (via It's Kristin)

Topo Chico is the best fizzy water around. Now, if only I knew where to find it in MA. (via The Kitchn) Why millenials aren't eating cereal (via WaPo) 

The 30 best Fantasy Series... I haven't read many, but now I want to! (via Paste)

The last episode of Downton Abby is this weekend. I am absolutely loving this season. And is anyone better than Maggie Smith? NPR interviewed her, and she spills about her kiss from Leonardo DiCaprio among other things.

These gray 6" boots from Timberland are so cool. I couldn't pull them off, but I wish I could. 

What it's like to be a Muslim woman in America (via Ted Talks) This clip from this week's episode of Black-ish has hit the nail on the head for so many people. It's sad. We need to fix it. (via HuffPo)


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