Music Monday: Nik West

A friend posted a video on Facebook. She's one of my music buddies--we used to go to tons of concerts together back in the day, and she JUST started working for Ticketmaster. What, what?!?! So, Of course I took note of the video.

Michael Jackson's Get On The Floor: Great bass line by the late great Louis Johnson! I added a few more percussive notes...
Posted by Nik West on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pretty impressive, no?

So, I spiraled down a Spotify listening hole and really ended up enjoying this artist--she plays the bass and it's such a great sound, and her vocals are just beautiful. I've been listening to her at work, but this would be so perfect for a dinner party. 

She's quite the badass. I'd love to see her in concert.

Did you see this article in the NYTs 25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going? Great stuff.  


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