Weekend Reads: So many projects

via Tumblr, created by Libby Vanderploeg

What a week! It's been SO SO warm in Boston (it's a little scary TBH), it's throwing me into major spring cleaning mode. I've forgotten about my spring wardrobe and need to  get better about picking out outfits! I'm usually so warm or end up caught in the rain, or something similar. I'm also planning to clean out my fridge (hate that, but feel so accomplished later!). Fill up my box for the donation bin. Pull all of my books off of their shelves and dust and put it all back together again! 
Weekend projects! Do you have any weekend projects on the docket? 

Now I'm dying to go to Mexico City... who knew?? (Via Could I Have That)

The best houseplants to help filter your air, according to NASA! (via a friend on Facebook) These dorky scientists had a plane delayed so they would get to see a total Solar Eclipse. His enthusiasm is pretty awesome. (via Mashable) 

A book list for those of us who were enthralled with Just Mercy. (via lithub) An interview with Gwen Stefani, who's new album is out next Friday (via NYTs)

Are you only using EVOO? Time to try out other oils (via Epicurious)  How to set a table (via Waiting on Martha) How to clean a super dirty pan (via Epicusious)

Carpool Karaoke with James Corden is amazing, right? Here is he talking to NPR about it. Quote: I was like, it's joyful. And that's what people want, you want to see the joy in people, and you want to see the person that always dreamt of being a star, you know? You want to see people having a great time.

I'm half way through this stewy white bean recipe from Marcella Hazan--I soaked the beans--they're waiting for me in their pot. Tonight or tomorrow I'm going to cook them up and I'm excited about it. :) (via Alexandra Cooks)

I loved the above animated GIF (thank friends on Facebook!) so much that I tracked down the artist, Libby Vanderploeg. Her site is pretty fun. And, in the effort to find the right link for that artist, I found this cool NYTs article with fun, subtle, pretty GIFs. Here's a fun take on logos being affected by their products (via a friend on Facebook)

The USA, re-positioned. (via Kotke)

P.S. Trudeau was in the US, and now I'm jealous of his bromance with Obama.


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