Non-girl Crush: Justin Trudeau

Canada's newish Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. is exactly the kind of guy you want to dislike... 

His dad was Prime Minister. He's the first child of a PM to become PM in Canada. 

He acted in a TV Miniseries.

He's handsome.

He's smart (he went to French-speaking school, he has an advanced degree in engineering, he started a masters program in Environmental Geography, but left it for public office). 
He's personable and seems to be rooted in good ethics.
He advocates for causes I believe in (equal rights, literacy, the environment, human rights). He's all about transparent, open government. 

I'm really impressed with his commitment to the Canadian people.

With all this talk about moving to Canada, I've been investigating. And the new JT just might sway me. :)


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