Weekend Reads: Spring Yet?

Buttermilk Apple Cake

It snowed this morning as I loaded my car up with my cross country skis and my deflated snow tube. They're destined for my mom's basement this weekend. It's felt like spring for a few weeks in Boston, so the snow was a little crazy, but, I'm going to tempt fate and get this stuff to my mom's now. It's supposed to be 71 next week, so I feel justified. Are you feeling like winter is over, too? It was an odd one, to be sure. I'm looking forward to spring, but feel like we never really had a winter, oddly. 

Some links for you:

Iris Apfel is such a style maven that she's becoming a brand ambassador. I wish I had her sense of style! (via AdWeek) I love this ad for Android. And it's always inspiring to read an interview with someone who loves his job--Michael Bierut is the best graphic designer out there, and it pretty cool. (old, via Wired)

Super Tuesday was this week, and it made me think about Elizabeth Cady Stanton, suffragette. (Wikipedia) A coloring book for my fellow RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) fans. (via HuffPo) Did you know Americans Abroad have their own delegate pool in the primary election? How cool! (via NYTs)

A new CBS TV show is going to be based on Nancy Drew! This Drew won't have red hair, but I guess I can get cool with that... as long as Bess and George are still in the picture... (via Vulture) IN the better late than never category, I had so much fun reading the Q&A with Lena Dunham on GoodReads--she's smart and funny! Three editors took a road trip to independent book shops where their authors were reading (via Publisher's Weekly)

Recipe pet peeves, SO TRUE! (via Epicurious)

Interesting interactive piece about Coal Plants (via friend on Facebook!) A really interesting look at the economics behind Trump's rise and why it's happening right now (via NYTs)

In sad :( :( :( anticipation of the final episode of Downton Abby, The worst people on Downton Abby, a list. (via Vulture)

Well, if this didn't put a smile on my face after a week of cold / warm / cold weather... adult pool floats (via So Then They Say) And, Target is partnering with Marimekko this spring! (via Apartment Therapy)

Perfect job? UM YEAH! (via Thrillist)

Hamilton the Musical is getting a Mix Tape (with Chance the Rapper, SIA, Usher, and more!) (via Vulture) Did you see Kendrick Lamar's surprise release? (via Spotify)


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