Weekend Reads: Snow again?! Ahh!

During this time of spring cleaning, look to Mindy for the answer:

Line of the day. #TheMindyProject
Posted by Mindy Kaling on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

YOU GUYS. It's supposed to snow in Boston on Sunday. Sob. Sob. Sob. I'll be driving home from Maine. Luckily I have some good tunes and podcasts ready to roll in case I'm stuck. And I haven't given my mom my snow shovel to store for the winter quite yet, so it's still in my car. Woot!

Question: I want to fill my gas tank up along the way, but want to figure out the best place to stop and fill up. Is there a map that does that for you? And if not, WHY NOT? I just used Gas Buddy and Google Maps, and compared the two until I found a price that seems ok and is on my route. It shouldn't be this hard... Tricks or tips?

Adding this documentary to my queue (via Vogue) And these romantic films (via My Domaine) What everyone in your state is Netflix-binge-watching. (via Distractify)

The science of the most delicious buttermilk pancake (via Serious Eats)

Millennials don't like to answer the phone (via Inc) When you're privileged, equality can feel like Oppression -thoughtful and interesting take (via HuffPo)

Ariana Grande is the new JT of SNL. She killed it. This tap routine to Beyone's Formation is awesome (via Elle) The fifth member of the Beatles (via NYTs)

I made this Greek Panzanella salad with a friend this week and it was amazing. Highly recommended. (We added chicken--via the Kitchn) (via Ina Garten!)

5 tips for maintaining your own little free library (via Book Riot)

Seaworld is not going to acquire any new Orcas. WOOT. (via mashable)

I leave you with this video that made me giggle so hard:

Work work work pork work
Posted by Pigeons and Planes on Wednesday, March 16, 2016


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